Are you wondering how much your pet has aged? Use the charts below to find out how much your pet has aged.

For dogs use its weight and for cats use its habitat to determine its relative age.

🐶Dog Age Chart🐕
Actual Years0-20lbs21-50lbs51-90lbs91lbs
2 Months3 Years
4 Months6 Years6 Years
6 Months9 Years9 Years9 Years
8 Months11 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years
10 Months13 Years13 Years11 Years11 Years
1 Year15 Years15 Years14 Years12 Years
2 Years23 Years24 Years22 Years20 Years
3 Years28 Years29 Years29 Years28 Years
4 Years32 Years34 Years34 Years35 Years
5 Years36 Years38 Years40 Years42 Years
6 Years40 Years42 Years45 Years49 Years
7 Years44 Years47 Years50 Years56 Years
8 Years48 Years51 Years55 Years64 Years
9 Years52 Years56 Years61 Years71 Years
10 Years56 Years60 Years66 Years78 Years
11 Years60 Years65 Years72 Years86 Years
12 Years64 Years69 Years77 Years93 Years
13 Years68 Years74 Years82 Years101 Years
14 Years72 Years78 Years88 Years108 Years
15 Years76 Years83 Years93 Years115 Years
16 Years80 Years87 Years99 Years123 Years
17 Years84 Years92 Years104 Years
18 Years88 Years96 Years109 Years
19 Years92 Years101 Years115 Years
20 Years96 Years105 Years120 Years
🐱Cat Age Chart🐈
Actual YearsAged IndoorAged Outdoor
2 Months3 Years3 Years
4 Months6 Years6 Years
6 Months9 Years9 Years
8 Months11 Years11 Years
10 Months13 Years13 Years
1 Year15 Years15 Years
2 Years24 Years24 Years
3 Years28 Years32 Years
4 Years32 Years40 Years
5 Years36 Years48 Years
6 Years40 Years56 Years
7 Years44 Years64 Years
8 Years48 Years72 Years
9 Years52 Years80 Years
10 Years56 Years88 Years
11 Years60 Years96 Years
12 Years64 Years104 Years
13 Years68 Years112 Years
14 Years72 Years120 Years
15 Years76 Years
16 Years80 Years
17 Years84 Years
18 Years88 Years
19 Years92 Years
20 Years96 Years

Nibblet got his jerky after all.

Today Nibblet goes for a walk. Nibblet really loves his walks and even helps out. In the video below you can clearly see him helping with the leash.
*Nibblet loves holding his own leash when he goes for a walk. http://www.sicomm.us/t/215/

After going for a walk Nibblet loves a tasty snack, but uh-oh someone ate it.
*Wondering where's his jerky? http://www.sicomm.us/t/215/

O'well at least there's still some tasty residue on the wrapper.

Role Playing / Monster Pet
1 year ago
Adopt your very own monster! This virtual pet game is fun for all ages. Take care of your new monster friend, feed it, wash it and treat it when it gets sick. Earn coins by playing cool mini games and buy cute outfits and many other items in the shop. Don't forget that monsters need sleep as well and make your little buddy happy!

Tap to win! Become a true hero, fight against scary monsters and save the world! In this addictive clicker game your task is to beat as many levels as possible. Tap on the screen to attack monsters, hire sidekick heroes and earn gold and diamonds to upgrade your skills further and further.

Board Games / Monsterjong
1 year ago
In this cute Halloween version of the classic board game Mahjong you have to find pairs of monsters, worms and other creatures. Remove all tiles to complete a level, use power-ups and finish the game with all stars!

Board Games / 4 In A Row
1 year ago
Connect four same-colored discs next to each other in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line in this fun version of the favorite game classic! Play against the computer, a friend on the same device or a real opponent in multiplayer mode. Train your skills by selecting between three difficulties and always carefully plan your moves!

In this fun sports game it's all about your skills and reflexes! Kick the ball towards the yellow goal posts and try to hit the green area. Wait for the right moment to stop the bars and score as many points as possible within 5 different stages!

Climb the highest hills and try to master all courses in this fun racing game! Start with a tractor and drive as far as you can. Collect coins on your way to buy upgrades and go even farther. Unlock cool new racing vehicles and more and more challenging tracks the further you progress. Doing stunts can earn you great bonuses, but make sure not to flip over!

Technology / Moto X 2016?
1 year ago
There is allot of buzz about the new Motorola Moto X 2016 and currently there's a alleged leak of the upcoming device.
Here is the link to the supposedly leak.
*#mysterymoto [image courtesy of: https://t.co/aZBJ5h3SiA]

So we are to expect this device looking exactly like the 2015 model running Android N is the 2016 Moto X. Sorry guys that's a Moto X 2015.

T-Mobile has agreed to pay 7.5 million USD in fines after the FCC ruling that T-Mobile mislead consumers about their unlimited data plans.

More information can be found in the link below.
*T-Mobile USA Inc., has agreed to pay at least $48 million for failing to tell customers that its unlimited data plans actually had some limits, the Federal Communications Commission said Wednesday.

Matching / Sparkle 2
1 year ago
Explore mysterious landscapes in Sparkle 2 and remove all orbs before they fall into the abyss! Be quick and match at least 3 orbs of the same color to explode them. Clear the chain to complete a wave and use the magical power-ups strategically as the levels get more and more difficult the further you play!

Explore the mysterious Bayou Island in this charming old school point & click adventure game! Imagine you suddenly wake up on an unknown beach and have no clue how you got there - this is the tragic fate of the ship's captain. Help him find his way back home, interact with the island's inhabitants and solve the various puzzles to uncover the truth!

Submerge yourself in this beautiful fairytale game based on Hans Christian Andersen's "The Princess and the Pea". The charming prince wants to marry a true princess and you have to help him! Search for hidden objects and solve little puzzles as the story unfolds. Is the girl who shows up at the castle gates really the ONE? Find out for yourself and play now!

Try to find the word matching the picture in this fun quiz! Every time you select a wrong letter, the sweet little gingerbread man will lose a limb. Can you unlock all levels and solve the puzzles?

Two little aliens have crashed on planet Earth and no idea how to communicate in this fun word guess quiz! Help them learn words by finding the correct answers to the images. Fill in the letters, solve a level to earn coins and unlock more categories. Can you guess all word correctly and finish the quest?

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